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18/10/2017 16:01

On September 2, the Jewish Volunteer Movement members carried out an action called Hello, Granny!
The purpose of the project was to conduct a survey in order to identify the needs of the lonely elderly Hesed-Rahamim clients for future projects. Sometimes, it is necessary to hold such meetings in order to understand what our beneficiaries are interested in and to decide what events to organize for them.
The action was carried out by Sofya Pavlovna Abramova, the founder and director of Hesed-Rahamim Jewish Charitable Public Organization.
“We have found out that our elderly clients have everything but friends, communication, and someone around who would care about them. They are so happy when we are next to them!”
We would like to thank everyone who donates their time and energy within the framework of such projects. We truly appreciate your help!