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08/02/2018 18:36

Within the “Holiday into Each House” project volunteers of the Jewish Volunteer Movement have visited Oleg Ignatyevich. They gave their attention and care to the old man, and helped to sort out the mess in his apartment.

There are such moments in the life of each of us that you can never forget, that are etched in our memory until death. In life of Oleg Ignatyevich ghetto became such a moment. At small age he had a frightening experience that he will never forget.

Today he is 77 years old. He had a stroke which badly affected his health. However Oleg Ignatyevich is active and positive. His life is full of stories which one can listen around the clock.
Volunteers share their impressions: “It is honor for us to give our attention and to have a conversation with such a great man!”.