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07/02/2017 18:43


“Hanukkah marathon – 5777″ was hold from the 20th till 30th of December, 2016. During the marathon volunteers have visited 52 veterans and former ghetto prisoners, now members of our community and congratulated them on the bright holiday of Hanukkah.

The initiative of the Jewish Volunteer Movement was supported by seven Jewish organizations of Minsk: Jewish student’s cultural center “Hillel”, Jewish cultural society “Emuna” (family and youth clubs), youth Jewish organization “Lech-Lecha”, movement “Shakhar”, “Moyshe House Minsk”, Religious Association of Communities of Progressive Judaism, curators and volunteers of the Public Charity Jewish organization “Hesed-Rakhamim”.

Thanks to all volunteers who have found spare time and have given warmth to those who particularly needed it.