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19/09/2016 09:03

Оn May 22 the Jewish Cultural Society “Emunah” hosted “Birthday celebration”. This community project “Emunah” organizes in coopecation with BEOO “Family Support Center”. BCC invited 14 children from vulnerable families who have been born in spring to the celebration.

The volunteers of the youth club “Emunah” organized and conducted games and competitions, volunteers from family clubs and women’s club “Mazal tov” prepared gifts for children, and kids from the program “Alef-Bet” made some greeting cards. Moms-volunteers baked a birthday cake.

Bright greeting cards for children who will participate in the following activities of the project, were made and signed by birthday children of spring themselves. After all, it is a big pleasure not only to receive gifts, but also to give others what has been made by your own hands!

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